Fly Fishing Clinics

Being Argentina a fly fishing destination recognized worldwide, we see that our environments provide highly combative native fish, willing to attack our lures, allowing fishermen to enjoy fly fishing in a natural setting of stunning beauty. With this vast resource at hand it's no wonder that every day there are more people interested in "Fly Fishing" Argentina


While in our country, fly fishing generally relates to environments of Patagonia and the trout and salmon that inhabit it; one of the best kept secrets is the possibility of catching Golden Dorados and Tarariras (Wolf Fish), in our Rio de la Plata. Yes, the River of Silver that embraces Buenos Aires, allows us to enjoy fly fishing in our backyard without significant time and travel costs.


The wealth of our great river despite the ongoing abuse that we submit it to, is providing combative Golden Dorados &  Tarariras (Wolf Fish) of very good sizes.


In fly fishing as in any activity that requires a particular technique, it is very important the help and advice of an experienced professional. This keeps us from acquiring the "vices" typical of self-taught fly fishermen. These are the things that give fame of "difficult" to fly fishing. The reality is that this is a compelling activity once known the correct technique. Proof of this is the fanaticism that grips every angler.


Our instructors have over 15 years of professional and international experience, at your service.

The courses and clinics are with small groups for individualized assistance to ensure the proper learning of different techniques.


Al clinics are tailor made to suit the participants needs. Small groups provide a personalized attention. Simple, easy to follow instructions will walk you through the learning process of Fly Fishing in Argentina.


Consult for family or group lessons.Special clinics for company groups.